About us

Since 2008, Isis has brought the latest fashion trends of Europe to its Outremont storefront in record time. Isis stands out for its collection and selection of accessories, reflecting the most up-to-date styles of France and Italy. Located in Outremont on Avenue du Parc, our boutique offers eclectic, elegant fashions for all tastes.

Our lines appeal to the timeless stylish woman, youthful in body and mind, who is concerned about her wardrobe and the image she projects.

Our boutique’s clean, elegant style draws its inspiration from this celebrated Armani motto. It is a place where the femininity and grace of today’s woman unites with the creativity and style of the latest trends on European catwalks while offering you comfortable and enjoyable clothes to wear.

We welcome you in a tranquil, natural, and comfortable space where wooden furniture and the fragrance of white flowers make your visit a unique moment.

Isis is proud of the products and service it offers. In our boutique you will enjoy an incomparable experience provided by our team that will happily advise and serve you, whether you are creating a single look or an entire wardrobe!

After three years in business, Isis has opened its own website to allow its clients to continue their shopping experience in the comfort of their home. Discover the latest styles, products, and a multitude of exclusive features and benefits.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to welcoming you in our boutique.